About us

LFrom the beginning of the last decade of the 20th century, there had been a strong demand from different sections of the people of Lakhimpur for a good and standard English Medium School as the existing ones could not meet the increasing demand of the students for English Medium Education. A few educationists, doctors and lovers of education of Lakhimpur discussed this genuine and urgent need of this place in the last part of 1994 and decided to start an English Medium School from the session 1995. The School named SANGAM  ACADEMY was formally inaugurated on 23rd- January 1995 by the Veteran Freedom Fighter, an ex-MLA and Renowned Social Worker Late Mahananda Bora by lighting a CHAKI in presence of a distinguished gathering of Educationists, Army Officers, Local elites and Businessmen. It was suggested in the inaugural meeting that the school should introduce Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE.) Course. The School will have 3 sections- TSANG-PO for lower classes, LUIT for the middle classes and MEGHNA for the higher classes. Each section will have different uniforms. With due honour to the suggestion of the inaugural meeting, it has been decided to introduce  CBSE.  Course  in  the  school.  National  Council  of  EducationalResearch and Training (NCERT) Syllabus with its books has been introduced from class-III upward. Though the medium of instruction is English, the school lays much emphasis on Assamese, Hindi and Sanskrit. Assamese is compulsory from KG I, Hindi from Class I and Sanskrit is compulsory from class V to VIII. There are provisions for Physical Training, Art and Painting under qualified teachers and Music under a teacher with B.Mus. Degree.

The school has been affiliated to the CBSE upto Class XII vide Affiliation Code No. 230047. The Government of Assam has given settlement of 10 bighas of land to this school. Permanent building has been constructed there.

Pre Primary section (Nursery, K.G.-I and K.G.-II) of the school is run in a safe and spacious campus at Bazar Road of North Lakhimpur Town.The Pre- Primary Section is run by Experienced Montessori Trained Teachers by using Orthodox & Montessori Methods.

Classes I to XII are run in the own building of the school in an open, spacious and beautiful campus at Borbocha. Besides two AcademicAdvisors, the school has an experienced Principal, 49 qualified, trained and dedicated teachers and a strength of more than 800 students.

The students have been appearing in the AISS & AISSC. Examination in our own School Centre.

Our Vision

To create conscious, integrated and wholesome human beings who remain fixed to their goal and the ever changing values and perspective of life so as to enable them to  work  for sustainable and holistic 

development of the society with a view to meeting the challenges and opportunities of life in the noblest and most disciplined manner. 

To prepare dynamic and caring citizens of tomorrow, to meet the challenges of a global society, 


retaining their traditional values de


1.To help the children in their all round development.

 2.To impart sound education with emphasis towards developing alert and inquisitive mind.

3.To arouse and channelise the latent talent of each student through co curricular activities like games and sports, arts, music and cultural activities.

 4.To develop an awareness and pride of our rich cultural heritage.

5.To develop a keen sense of social awareness and Justice.

6.To develop a sense of pride and love for the mother land.

Our Mission

We believe in imparting quality education as investment for our nation’s development. AES innovates indigenous techniques of educational reforms and implements them through AES Group of Schools as investment for human resource development of our country.AES believes in secularism and detaches itself from preaching or propagating any particular religion. We mould our students to be tolerant to all religions, races and communities. India is our country and we are proud of being Indians. We teach our students to be patriotic.

Mother Teresa is the symbol of charity. We dispense free and concessional education to needy students under the scheme of Mother Teresa Studentship (MTS).



Education Liberates People from the darkness of ignorance or avidyā. Sangam Academy imparts education to the young and energetic group of the society. Collegiate education must be based on our traditional value and cultural heritage. The aim of education is to make the students useful for the society by imparting knowledge.


Digital Boards are used in all the classrooms powered by HCL for giving more details on a subject besides visuals.


Computer is taught as per syllabus and it is compulsory from Class I to Class VIII.


The School has well equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer and Mathematics. Students are encouraged to use these laboratories to learn through experiments.


The school has a library with sufficient number of books, magazines and newspapers.The library is run by a qualified Librarian.


Bus service is provided to the students of Class I to XII